Monday, January 21, 2008

Consumer Demand for Green Practices Changing the Business of Home Improvement Contractors

Pristine Home Solutions, a Massachusetts home improvement contractor serving Middlesex and Worcester County, says that increasing demand for eco-friendly home solutions will further influence consumer buying decisions.

As Americans become more eco-conscious, consumer-driven companies industry-wide have begun offering more ecologically friendly products and services to retain a competitive edge.

Massachusetts home improvement contractor Warren Fish, president of Pristine Home Solutions, says that an increasing number of homeowners are seeking out his company because of its eco-friendly home improvement practices.

Pristine Home Solutions has for years used eco-friendly products such as low VOC paint and green cleaning products, and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration vacuums for cleanup after jobs are complete.

Fish makes it a point to partner with green companies for products ranging from cleaning supplies to countertops. “Eco-friendly countertops made of recycled glass and concrete as opposed to granite have become a hot item in households where people are committed to green living,” says Fish.

Even with the growing popularity of green products and practices, Fish says that quality still reins the number one priority among consumers. He says that over the past decade, green products have made major leaps in the area of quality and can now be integrated into the company’s high quality home improvement contractor jobs.

“Even homeowners that prefer green materials still will often choose quality over the environmental impact. Because of the improvements in green materials, we have been able to include many more environmentally friendly products and practices into our standard service offerings. As more manufacturers address this growing trend the more you will see green materials being used by building and home improvement contractors,” says Fish.

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