Thursday, January 17, 2008

Massachusetts Public Lands Preservation Act

Article 97 of the State Constitution grants citizens of Massachusetts a right to a clean environment and the enjoyment of natural resources on publicly owned land.

The article requires that public land acquired for natural resource purposes not be used for other purposes or otherwise disposed of without a two thirds vote of each branch of the legislature.

There is hardly a city or town in the Commonwealth that does not have some park, playground, conservation land, or other public land that is supposed to be protected by Article 97. Article 97 Lands.

Unfortunately, conversion of land acquired for natural resource purposes to other uses has been sanctioned frequently by the legislature with little examination, debate, or opposition. Article 97 Land Transfers.

The Public Lands Preservation Act or PLPA (S. 2388) (aka the Article 97 bill and the No-net-loss bill), would be a statement of legislative policy to approve change in use or disposition of Article 97 land, only when there is no feasible alternative and if replacement land of equivalent acreage and market value is provided.

The PLPA has been sponsored and co-sponsored by 43 senators and representatives and endorsed by numerous environmental and other organizations.

Encourage your legeslators to support the bill too!

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